Entangled nothingness to be scanned on kaleidoscopic static © João Biscainho 2019.


To evade your mind is singular and final

there is no second chance


Electric glare will distress the physical skin

with an exponential creation and which

will be flesh again

pumped with chemical blood


In the streets sirens still cry and scream

streaming tears will fall and beam


Endless silent feedback

Imperceptible shadows

radiated by antennas


This audio is now identified as both words

illusion of disillusion

nothing else but war and fiction


The sword has on a Real

the disenchantment denial of this verse

so does war and fiction

The dream of devolution is now stronger

than the need of revolution


You haven’t chosen cyberspace but

sounds a lot like you are going to heaven

when the emergency of religious progress needs it

You are just like smoke falling

vacuumed into the Cloud

this time with no trousers neither a sky

just smoke disappearing

into the Cloud

To evade your soul is singular and final

there is no second chance

last vertigo upon a bright flashing light

and faded white noise

you never been so free, so light 


Uploading yourself into the future,

being born, and dying

physically dying

physically dying

This new biological realization

from a culture to an algorithm

will be unable to love

It’s supposed to be a miracle

but i don’t despise that

if that’s what you need

digital resurrection

Self simulation

In fact,

everything behind all that we lived

is all what we have

Death is expanded love

João Biscainho, October 2016

João Biscainho © 2020